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Jaipur Driver Story Series – Suresh Yadav

September 4, 2017 / Jaipur

Here’s what our beloved partner, Mr Suresh Yadav has to say about his journey so far:

“Hello! My name is Suresh Yadav.

Prior to starting with Uber, I used to work with a travel ticket booking agency. There goes a saying that every difficulty of life becomes easy, when your family is with you. But with the kind of job I had, meeting my family was becoming very difficult.

God soon blessed us with a happy moment, and I really wanted to be part of it. I tried to get leaves from the job but since I wasn’t allowed, so I had to quit my job. Soon, with no source of income, I found myself heavily burdened under a mountain of expenses.

A few days later, my close friend Ghanshyam ji turned out to be a saviour in the days of adversity by introducing me to Uber and how I could make the most out of it. This was one of the greatest decisions of my life and a huge investment as well. Conquering my inner fears, I bought my own car and started to work with Uber. I was really worried in the initial few weeks, but as a few months passed, I started to like the processes and the opportunities I could explore by being with Uber, and that made me like it the most.

In appreciation of my superior performance, Uber gifted me a washing machine last Diwali. With the flexibility and earning opportunity that Uber provides, I have fulfilled my parents’ dream of going for a tirth-yatra (pilgrimage).

Today I am happy in life because I can fulfill all the needs of my family. The experience of working with Uber has been very good, there is complete freedom to work here and I am thankful to Uber that has given me a reason to live with pride.