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Jaipur Driver Story Series – Rajendra Kumar

August 22, 2017 / Jaipur

Here’s what our beloved uberMOTO driver, Mr Rajendra Kumar has to say about his journey so far:



My name is Rajendra Kumar.

Prior to starting with Uber, I used to stay in my village and did not have a source of income at home. I came to Jaipur to start working as a security guard, the salary was low but I was happy that I got a job. But the happiness didn’t last long, as within a few days, my father was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB). I needed extra money to support my father’s treatment as well as daily expenses, and I was getting extremely stressed at this point about our future.

One day I met my friends, one of whom introduced me to Uber and explained to me about how can I be a part of it to put an end to my problems. Soon, I started riding a bike with Uber, earning enough to meet my expenses and to get my father treated. I was really happy about it and told a lot of my friends about this experience. Uber has given me wings to think big and fulfil my dreams. I am thankful to Uber that it has given me a reason to live with pride.