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How to use Uber for your company’s end of year party

November 20, 2017 / India

End of year parties are all about your team letting their hair down and celebrating, but for you, it’s often all about logistics. This year, that changes!

In this post, we’ll look at how to arrange transport for guests using different Uber for Business solutions, to ensure everyone gets to the venue on time in style, and more importantly, with minimal fuss.

The key takeaway to remember here is that regardless of the size of your party, the mix of your guests, or even if some don’t own a smartphone–we’ll point you to the best solution for leveraging Uber to make your event a hit!

Think of it this way–30 minutes spent using Uber for Business to nail down your travel in advance means true ‘set and forget’ travel to and from your event on the big night.


An illustration of a couple heading to a holiday party.

First steps first – the guest list!

You’ve probably already spent a lot of time thinking about this, but before you start, it’s worthwhile thinking if there are any different groups you need to get to and from the event and if you’d like to offer different levels of service.

For example, while uberX might be the best option for the bulk of your team, you might want to deliver a premium experience with UberBLACK for special guests. As you’ll see below, that will inform the most suitable solution for you to use.


The right solution for your party

When it comes to the best solution for your event, we’ll cover two options:

  1. How to use travel programs in Uber for Business to get your employees to and from the party, and set different car types for different groups
  2. How to leverage Uber Central to schedule special guests a way to arrive in style

Another advantage of this prep work in advance is safety. It’s a crucial part of any office-sponsored event, and that includes how your guests get home.

Quite simply, instead of your entire office spilling and stumbling out onto the pavement once the music stops, you can have everything buttoned down so requesting an Uber home is a safe and effortless end to the night.

Option 1: Setting up end of year party rides using a custom travel program

If you’re planning an office party where all of your guests are employees, using your Uber for Business dashboard is the best place to start. All that’s required from you is to create a new travel program specifically for the event, and then removing it afterward.

  • How to set up a new travel program for your end of year party

On the employee side, as soon as it comes time to head to the party, they just open their Uber app, and in the top right corner, select the travel program you’ve created.

Don’t have Uber for Business? Getting started is simple. 


Option 2: Scheduling rides to your party using Uber Central

Another great way to get your most valued guests, clients, or customers to your end of year party is to use the new scheduled and flexible ride options in Uber Central.

Uber Central is a way for you, the party organizer, to arrange and pay for rides for your guests, all from one centralized dashboard. It’s an easy and affordable way to control and deliver the Uber experience–think of it as your automated concierge for the evening!

Uber Central is best suited to those guests you want to invite from outside your company and set up rides for on a one-off basis, or even company VIPs who you want to free up from having to manage their own ride. You schedule the ride in advance, and they ride when they need to on the night!

It’s also perfect for those people who don’t have a smartphone, the Uber app, or don’t feel comfortable managing rides themselves–the process is easily managed over SMS.

Some other creative uses include:

  • Giving your top 10 client representatives UberBLACK rides to your party
  • Rewarding MVP employees with a luxury ride to your event
  • Scheduling your CEO’s ride to be waiting after their last Friday meeting
  • And the list goes on!
  • How to schedule party rides using Uber Central


Summing up – more party, less stress!

Whichever option you choose, the end goal is here to ensure that you can worry less about buses running late, employees trying to bulk call taxis, and the safety of your teams traveling home, and focus on planning and delivering an incredible party.

30 minutes spent in Uber for Business can save you frantic hours ahead of the big event trying to wrangle transport. And you’ll look all the better for saving time and money, all while leaving everyone impressed!