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December 24, 2017 / Coimbatore

We know that travel knows no bounds when it comes to the adventures you wish to have. Whether you’re headed for an outstation trip with your friends or need to make a last minute business trip outside the city, you can count on Uber to get you there.

For journeys that end outside the city, we have Intercity at your disposal. Should you wish to explore the city itself, you can use Hire. Create your itinerary for the day and have the car merrily wait with you!

Make an impromptu plan, and be ready to leave. No need for advance bookings for long distance travel, just tap a button like you always do.

Still confused about what to use where?

Road trip outside the city? Intercity it.

When you've been planning that trip to Ooty with your friends, but nobody's car was available. Enjoy the backseat of your own road-trip experience, while we focus on getting you and your bags there.

Sample Fare: Ooty now at ₹2500 - ₹3000

Business travel to the plant outside the city? Intercity it.

When business trip in Tirupur comes up last minute and you don't have time to catch the train. Count on Uber for a long distance ride in minutes and catch up on emails in the comfort of your own car.

Sample Fare: Tirupur now at ₹1200 - ₹1500

Have a day of errands or exploration? Hire it.

When you're planning for multiple stops in the city simply to explore them or to run errands, you can use Hire. Let the car wait for you as you take all the time you need.

Sample Fare: 1 hour package starting at ₹300

      How it works:

  1. Open your Uber app & enter your destination
  2. You’ll be able to see the Hire or Intercity option depending upon the destination you’ve entered
  3. Select this view and request
  4. Payable by cash only

      Bon voyage!

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