When Does Your Account Incur an Arrear

April 6, 2018 / Chennai

We always strive towards giving you the best Uber experience, and your great Uber experience comes from knowing your fares and payment options well. Arrears are one such thing you should be aware of.

What is an arrear?

In your daily course of riding with us, you may incur some outstanding payments. An arrear is an outstanding balance on your Uber account. This outstanding balance can materialize due to multiple reasons. Scroll down to know when does your account incur an arrear.

Why does your account incur an Arrear?

Canceling your Ride:

If you cancel your ride 5 minutes after you book it, your account incurs a cancellation fee. This is done inorder to be fair to the driver partner. This cancellation fee is added as an arrear to your next trip.

Failure to complete Two-Factor Authentication:

When you pay for your trips through a credit card, you will be required to complete a two-factor authentication for the payment to go through. Failure to do so will reflect on your app as an arrear which can be cleared once the two-factor authentication is complete. If you choose to pay for the same in cash, the amount will appear along with your fare for the next trip—as a final fare on the driver app.

Low Wallet Balance:

We understand that your digital wallets may have low balance at certain moments. If your PayTM wallet or other digital wallets have a lower balance than the actual fare of the trip, the remaining amount will reflect your account as an arrear. For example, your digital wallet has a balance of Rs.350 but your ride cost you Rs. 400, the remaining Rs. 50 will be an arrear.

You can always clear arrears anytime you like. Here’s how you can clear your arrears. To avoid confusion, always pay what you see on your driver partner’s app. Make the best of your experience and start riding like a pro!