Upfront fares made easy for you

March 19, 2018 / Chennai

Our aim at Uber is to always give you the best ride experience. We are always looking to give you fair prices and that’s why we have upfront pricing for you! With upfront fares, you will know how much you need to pay before you begin the trip. That way, you can decide what’s best for you and your budget.

How do we calculate your upfront fares?

Upfront fares are calculated using the expected time and distance of the trip. Things like traffic during your trip, and number of drivers nearby, while booking your trip, are also factors that are considered. In case of increased demand, the fare with the added surge amount is shown. You don’t have to do the complicated math.

Upfront fares do make your lives easier, however, your final fare may sometimes differ from the upfront fare in certain circumstances.

When does your final fare differ from your upfront fare?

Wait time

We know you always ensure to be on time for your trip but sometimes last minute errands lead to your Uber driver waiting for you for a long time. Our driver partners wait for you for 5 minutes, after which you are charged Rs.3/per min for the added wait time. Due to this, your upfront fares may differ from your actual fares.

Route Deviation and change in destination

Upfront fares are calculated on the route you enter when you book the ride. We understand that change in plans may require you to pick up a few friends on the way, take a longer route, add another stop or change your destination altogether. Your final fares may change because of these factors. Fares may change due to incorrect pick-up and drop-off locations too!

Outstanding arrears

If you have any outstanding arrears from previous trips, they will be added to your final fare. These arrears could be a cancellation fee or outstanding payments from previous trips, because of which you will be charged that fee in addition to the upfront price for the current trip.

To avoid confusion, always pay what you see on your driver partner’s app. In case of a fare dispute, reach out to us through the help section within your Uber app.