uberPOOL- The smartest way of daily commute

November 29, 2017 / Chennai

With uberPOOL, the future of Urban mobility is here!

Forget about the hassles of owning a car or driving around for your daily commute needs and POOL your way through Namma Chennai.  We at Uber believe in the ideology of “Drive Less, Do more”. Extend your support to decongest the city and continue enjoying uberPOOL – the most affordable and reliable ride option available. 

Here are top few reasons we think you should continue to uberPOOL:

  • It is the most economical option. Use POOL and save big! 
  • POOL-ing your way to college or work helps you meet interesting co -riders and increase your network in the city. 
  • Too much traffic? You will never get bored through your travel time. 
  • POOL helps us decongest the roads of city and improve the environment conditions.

Here are top stories by power riders who have switched to uberPOOL:

  • uberPOOL is Paisavasool and my daily mode of commute from metros. I reach home in flat Rs 29* these days. #SwitchToPOOL
  • Since I use uberPOOL to college/ work, I met a very interesting rider and guess what, we are now closest of friends. #SwitchToPOOL
  • My work/ college is about 5km from my house and I have been using uberPOOL as I only pay Rs 49*. It’s so affordable. #SwitchToPOOL.
  • I landed myself an interview at a top MNC because my co-rider in my uberPOOL ride worked at the company. #SwitchToPOOL.
  • POOL-ing to the movies on weekends is stress-free as I can avoid waiting for the parking traffic to clear out after the show ends #SwitchToPOOL. 

*T&C apply – fares are dynamic and is based on time of the day/discount structures that exist.

It is now time to continue uberPOOL-ing, if not #SwitchToPOOL.