UberKUTCHERY: One Tap away from a Sabha-Hop

December 21, 2017 / Chennai

Sabha-Hop is arriving now!

UberKUTCHERY has a lot in store for you this Marghazi Masam. Participate and get a chance to immerse yourself in star performances by Smt.Mahathi and Shri. Unnikrishnan and enjoy the tunes of divinity sung by these legends with ‘Uber Sabha Hop’ on 29th Dec, 2017.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Create an image or capture a photo of your favorite part of Marghazi masam or depict the significance of Marghazi in one shot. [Eg: Image/art of your favorite artist or Carnatic instruments, Signature dishes of Marghazi, Beautiful Kolam designs etc.] 
  2. Write a one liner with the significance of the image/photo
  3. Include hashtag #UberKUTCHERY along with the above & post it on your Facebook page.

What will the winner(s) get?

Winners will be given complimentary concert tickets and free Uber rides from your home to Brahma Gana Sabha to witness a beautiful performance by Smt.Mahathi and then taken to Parthasarathy Swami Sabha to enjoy a performance by Sri. Unnikrishnan and finally be taken back to your home in comfort this Marghazi. 

  Venue Artist Time
Concert 1 Brahma Gana Sabha Smt. Mahathi 4 pm
Concert 2 Parthasarathy Swami Sabha Shri Unnikrishnan 6.30 pm
Home –> Brahma Gana Sabha –> Parthasarathy Swami Sabha –> Home


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Hop on and Uber on this Marghazi Masam with #UberKUTCHERY