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Shopping in Chennai made easier with Uber

April 10, 2018 / Chennai

Everyday errands, grocery shopping or shopping for that silk saree for your sister’s wedding – we’ve made it all easy for you!

Have these problems everytime you go shopping?

We’ll solve them all for you! All you need to do is tap a button and your trusted Uber is always there to take you wherever you want. With Uber AUTO and Uber Hire, we have uncomplicated your shopping trips.


Why to Uber AUTO to my shopping trip?


Uber AUTO is Namma Chennai's solution to the cramped roads of Pondy Bazaar or those narrow streets of Sowcarpet. Forget the hassles of finding a parking spot or haggling for the right price at these crowded places, because getting an auto has never been easier. With doorstep pick-up, no bragaining, and affordable prices, your comfortable saree shopping or food joint hopping is just a tap away!

Why take an Uber Hire?

We know how difficult shopping can be! You never get what you want in one place. Uber Hire uncomplicates this by giving you the option of keeping the same car for as long as you want. So whether it's buying those fancy ingredients, from various stores, for your favorite pasta dish or store hopping for that perfect pair of shoes, Uber Hire is your friend.

Get your shopping lists ready and Uber on!