Hasiru Bengaluru with Uber & GAIL

June 20, 2018 / Chennai

Uber has entered into a strategic partnership with GAIL Gas Limited to promote the use of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) in the garden city of Bengaluru. As part of this partnership, termed as “Hasiru Bengaluru” or “Green Bengaluru”, GAIL-Uber branded CNG pumps will promote the adoption of cleaner fuels like CNG in Ubers in Bengaluru.

Through this partnership, we hope to demonstrate the benefits of switching to CNG and accelerate its adoption in the garden city. We hope to develop a CNG ecosystem in the city with the active support of our driver partners as well as the public at large.

As part of the agreement, GAIL Gas will provide free CNG to the first 500 cars joining under the program, capped at a maximum of Rs. 10,000 per car. GAIL Gas will be extending coupons to each of the participating Uber driver partners for Rs. 2500 per month for the first four months.

Uber will also be providing a joining award of Rs.10,000 to the first 500 CNG vehicles driving with the platform. Uber will in turn, create awareness among its driver partner community on the benefits of CNG through several channels. In order to promote cleaner fuel vehicles, GAIL Gas & Uber will also be leading conversations with OEMs, auto dealers and retrofitters.

To cater to the demand and facilitate a strong ecosystem, 20 new CNG stations are expected to be operational by March 2019. The insights gathered from Uber’s data and driver partners has helped determine the location of upcoming CNG pumps in the city. These areas include, Agara, KR Puram, Goravigere, New Airport Road, Tata Nagar, Sarjapur Road and KIADB IT Park.

By promoting the adoption of CNG in Bangalore, we are committed to reducing vehicular pollution and congestion in the city and incentivising ridesharing.