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#DoForKerala #IndiaForKerala

August 21, 2018 / Chennai

Kerala and the Kodagu region are dealing with unprecedented rains and floods. To help our fellow citizens, we have started a collection drive for relief supplies that you can access via the Uber app.

This will be active until Friday evening in Bengaluru and Chennai.

How can you contribute?

When you take a ride with Uber, you can hand over the relief supplies to your driver. All donated items will be passed on to an authorised collection point.

This is how it works:

  • Gather the products that you wish to donate; we are currently accepting the following:
    1. Packaged baby food/baby diapers
    2. Sanitary napkins
    3. Antiseptic materials (like Dettol, etc.)
    4. Unused candles, batteries and torches
  • Handover these supplies to your driver during the ride
  • They will drop it off for you at a collection centre

Please donate generously, and let us all come together to help our fellow citizens in this time of need.

#DoforKerala #IndiaforKerala