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A wonderful March with Uber Chennai

April 6, 2018 / Chennai

We constantly look forward to bring you unique Uber experiences, ensure that all your rides are comfortable and aim at making every rider happy. Celebrations are a big part of Uber and we are always looking for reasons to celebrate with you!
And we spent the month of March doing just that – ensuring you had the most comfortable rides, the happiest celebrations and overall, an amazing month with us.

Here’s a quick look at what we did this March:


Your AUTO arrived

We started the month of March with the launch of Uber AUTO. You can now forget all the hassles of bargaining with Auto drivers and enjoy doorstep pick-ups at affordable rates! To know more about your Uber AUTO click here.

The surge protector - Ride Pass

You had the opportunity to be protected from surge pricing with the Ride PASS. Buying the Ride PASS, ensured that you rode to you destination at flat fare of ₹99, everyday! That means, no surge and big savings. Didn't buy the Ride PASS this month? Don't worry because we'll bring it back to you soon.

Free food on demand

Everyone loves a good scrumptious meal. We do too! So, we partnered with Uber Eats to get you free food on demand. All you did was request a free meal on the Uber app and we delighted you with a free meal on Uber Eats. See what we did here.

Celebrated happiness with LonePack

We partnered with LonePack, this March, to help create awareness of mental health issues. You joined hands with us and submitted your joyous notes anonymously. We also partnered with Uber Eats to get you some joyous letters with every food order you placed on Iber Eats. Here's a quick glimpse of what we did.


Uber Trivia

A fun way to win free Uber rides! Yes, we got you Uber Trivia where you participated with us to answer simple, yet fun questions on the app every day, score points, and win free Uber rides worth Rs. 500. The winners also featured on our "Uber Trivia: Hall of Fame."


Made you laugh

It is said that laughter is the best medicine and we partnered with Evam to get you rolling with laughter. We got you a chance to win tickets to the funniest show in town - Shadows: by Daniel Fernandes. That's not all, we also gave you a chance to win free Uber rides while you enjoyed the show. With discounted rides back home, we ensured you had a laughter-filled weekend.


We had a great time putting those smiles on your faces and celebrating with you. Look out for more such celebrations with Uber Chennai. Meanwhile, ride in comfort with Uber.