A World Without Cars

June 13, 2017 / Chandigarh

Ever imagine a world without private cars?

Picture a world of large, open, green spaces; happy, healthy, productive people, clean air and stress free society. Guess what, that is what a world without private cars would look like. Could the removal of private cars produce such a dramatic change? Well, let us look at some of the issues with personal car ownership:

How does Uber help solve these issues?

No parking worries, no need to put-off work, no need to spend those extra bucks in car maintenance – simply sit back, relax, read a book, take that important call, watch a movie… just live your life! Have the comfort of knowing that you have saved. Did you know for a city like Chandigarh the average wait time for an Uber is essentially no more than what it would take you to walk to your car and start it up yourself – Yes! We timed it.

Let us see what an outing to Elante would look like:

Show me the money – how much money do I save?

Now let us take a look at the thing we care about the most – COST! Calculations prove that over a course of 5 years, the expense incurred on a 5-lakh car (assuming you also sell it after 5 years) exceeds the cost of using Uber for 2600 rides during those 5 years!

However, the effective savings would be much higher if you factor in the cost of having a chauffeur, productivity loss in driving your own car, and all the additional offers (flat fares, discounts, restaurant tie-ups etc.) that Uber provides to delight its riders!

So avoid the car-hassles & make your life rich with experiences

So what are you waiting for?

In a city with with a fast, practical (and cool) alternative like Uber, it would very much be worth your while to switch and avoid the time and money spent on fuel, parking, maintenance, etc. Because having your own personal driver pick you up in a slick car each and every day is a hell of an appealing alternative.