Let’s spot a UFO today

July 1, 2017 / Bangalore

2nd July is commonly celebrated as World UFO Day. The objective of this celebration is to create awareness about the existence of UFOs and so people across the globe gather outside and watch the skies in the hope of spotting something or anything! Time to grab a loved one and increases those chances while having a fun weekend.

Below are a bunch of our favourite UFO movies, get your popcorn tubs ready :

#1 : ET ( The Extra Terrestrial )

“Pretty epic special effects for a movie that was released in 1982!”

“brings about nostalgia”

#2 : Independance Day ( Part 1 & 2 )

Will Smith, Screenplay, Soundtrack. For a movie which is 21 years old the VFX is epic!’

“The movie came out in 96 and had the best effects ever! Also, no magic involved and had pure science based theories in place”

#3 : Men In Black

The movie transcends generations and the overall concept and direction that the franchise has taken is really interesting. MIB introduced time travel along with an ongoing regulated alien existence on Earth. Kind of like what Harry Potter did for witches and wizards”