Rate your trip experience and make a difference

November 10, 2017 / Bangalore

Do you know how important your trip rating is? Your feedback is very crucial to us and we have simplified this process for you with our 5 stars rating scale that shows up on the app or at the bottom of your emailed Uber receipt  once your trip comes to an end. Our drivers strive to provide you a 5 star service but sometimes they may have not lived up to your expectations.  Understanding your concerns in real time will only help us address big or small issues while ensuring top quality riders stay on the Uber platform. 
There are numerous factors that influence your ride experience with our driver partner 

  • Quality of service
  • Vehicle condition
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Ease of pickup

Please do not rate your driver poorly based on aspects that are not within his authority like increase/updated fares, traffic conditions etc. in order to help us focus on service related ratings primarily. You can use the ‘Help’ button and leave us a comment for any other factors that you would like to point out. 

Here are some guidelines around rating your driver:









★★★★★ – This means you had a great trip. The driver was approachable, helpful and the car was presentable. 
★★★★ – This was a near perfect experience but one thing, such as the pickup or the driver partner’s use of the GPS, wasn’t quite right.
★★★ – This was an average trip. You experienced one of the following: the driver was unpleasant to be on a trip with, the car was not presentable, or the driver got lost. Your overall experience was not a good experience.
★★ – This was a bad experience. .
★ – This was a terrible trip. A lot of things can go wrong but with this one, everything went wrong. 
You can provide an extra compliment for your 5 stars rated trip  and also leave additional comments for ratings below 5 stars.
All these ratings are anonymous and directly affect the income and life span of these drivers on our platform. 

Did your driver help you reach the airport when you thought you almost missed your flight? That ride definitely deserves your appreciation. 

Let’s make this a wonderful habit, rating every single time!