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Your early access to Ridesmart Rewards

April 2, 2018 / Bangalore

We’ve made it our mission to help you get the most out of Uber, with affordable fares to boost your everyday commute.

This week, travel anywhere in Bangalore and pay ₹99 or less on all your UberGo rides.

What’s even better? You can access these rewards and continue saving for the whole month by paying just Re 1 on April 9th. Stay tuned.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How is my fare calculated?

The final fare is calculated on the basis of the total fare for your ride:

  • If your total fare is less than ₹99, we’ll charge you the minimum of the two amounts
  • If your total fare is greater than ₹99 but less than the max fare cap amount of ₹150, you will be charged only ₹99
  • If your total fare is over the max fare cap amount of ₹150, then you will still save, but the amount over the max fare cap will be added to the flat fare amount of ₹99

For example, if your total fare is ₹200, the additional amount over the max fare cap will be added to your flat fare. That means ₹200 – ₹150 = ₹50 will be added to your flat fare of ₹99. Hence, your total fare will be ₹99 + ₹50 = ₹149

Please note that the wait time charges will be over and above the final fare.

Q2. Are flat fares available everywhere?

Currently, flat fares are only available in Bangalore and your rewards are valid within the city service area.

Q3. Do flat fares apply on all ride options?

For now, flat fares are only applicable on UberGO rides. However, flat fares will not be applicable if you take a detour or change destination after the trip is requested.

Q4. Where and when can I ride with flat fares prices?

You can ride anywhere within the city, anytime, up to your ride limit.

Q5. Are these rewards available to all riders?

No, these rewards are not available to all riders. You are one of the select riders who’ve got early access to these rewards.