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August 9, 2017 / India

Yours, truly –

This may sound like an odd way to start a conversation, but it’s true – millions of people across India have downloaded us into their everyday lives.

In the last four years, we’ve attended countless weddings and (absolutely terrible) movies with you, driven you to both family reunions and the doctor’s office. We’ve been by your side at visa and job interviews and picked you up from the office, the market and all kinds of strange bars across town, in the dead of the night. We’ve been a part of both the big and small moments of your life, and that’s only because you’ve treated us as you would your own: your very own car.

Life in the backseat is a wonderful thing, and we’re proud of our driver-partners for having made it possible for you and millions across India to enjoy the comfort of their own cars, without ever owning one.  

We’re only four years into our journey in India but in some ways, it feels like we’ve grown up with you, alongside the big and small moments in your life. And no matter where you’re headed next, we’ll always be right around the corner.

See you soon,
Uber India