Visit Pushkar Fair from Jaipur at FLAT ₹1100 on UberHIRE

October 25, 2017 / Ajmer

Jaipur, we all have always been proud of the vibrance and colour that surrounds Rajasthan’s rich heritage and culture. One such testimony is the cultural fiesta of Pushkar Fair – a camel and livestock fair, held in the tranquil town Pushkar that is frequented by thousands of tourists every year.

This year, we’ve teamed up with Rajasthan Tourism as the official mobility partner to champion easy and seamless transportation to Pushkar. With a recently launched product UberHIRE that allows you to keep a car for however long you want, we encourage tourists and locals to witness the cultural extravaganza from 28th October – 4th November, by taking an UberHIRE for FLAT ₹1100* from Jaipur to Pushkar and vice versa. #PushkarPukaare #UberMeinPadhaare


How to book a ride to Pushkar?

  1. Open your Uber app and enter your destination as Pushkar
  2. Ensure cash is the payment option and request uberHIRE at FLAT ₹1100 + tolls to be paid in cash directly to the driver
  3. Confirm the booking 
  4. Your Uber will be at your service. You will see your driver’s details straight away, along with the details of your car
  5. At the end of your trip, the total fare will be calculated. You will need to pay in cash and will receive an e-receipt

What is Pushkar Fair?

Pushkar Fair is an annual camel and livestock fair, held in Pushkar in the months of October – November. Originally started as one of the world’s largest cattle cattle fair, it has become quite a tourist attraction with a host of cultural activities including camel race, bridal competition, longest moustache, live concert and hot air balloon rides. 

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What is UberHIRE?

UberHIRE is a newly launched rental product that helps you keep your Uber for however long you want, seeming like your very own personal car with a chauffeur. Want to know more about UberHIRE? Click the button below for details.

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