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A journey for you. A milestone for us.

November 6, 2017 / India

When we launched in India, four years ago, it was an exciting alternative to get around the city. Today, Uber has fundamentally changed the way we move in India. It’s nearly impossible to imagine a time when you couldn’t flip open the app and request for a ride. In four years, we have gone from moving hundreds to millions in India. And for that, we have you to thank for!

4 Years



29 Cities



4,50,000 Driver Partners



5 million Weekly Active Riders



Meet our driver partners whose lives you’ve touched.

“Uber changed my life for the better, both personally and professionally. I worked as an outstation driver for two decades and was away from home for months together. Today, my earnings cover the education of all three girls. They have big dreams and I hope to fulfill each one of them.”

Murugan | Chennai Uber Partner


“In my early twenties, I came to Delhi with little money and a lot of ambition. I started off with odd jobs like cooking and washing utensils but was unable to support my family. Thereafter, I started driving a car in Delhi. As soon as Uber launched in Delhi, I jumped at the opportunity. With Uber, I was able to purchase my own Swift Dzire. With hard work and perseverance, i’m able to make a good living and fulfill my daughters’s aspirations.  It makes me extremely proud that she is now working for a leading airline company. I even went on to buy a second car for my family. I never imagined that I’d be able to lead such a fulfilling life.”

Surender Thakur|Delhi Uber Partner