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Uber hits 500 Million rides milestone in India

August 3, 2017 / India

Monday, July 17, 12:40:23 PM – in that single second, 176 Uber rides started, tying for our Five hundred millionth trip. These rides took place across 19 cities, all the way from Chandigarh to Thiruvananthapuram,  Pune to Bhubaneswar. The longest of the bunch lasted more than an hour as the rider and driver worked their way across Chennai. The shortest, a POOL trip in Bangalore lasted just two minutes.

All of this would not have been possible without the dedicated service of our driver-partners and the loyalty of our riders. To say thanks and express gratitude, we are giving each of the lucky 176 driver-partners INR 5000 and the lucky riders Uber credits worth INR 500.

Fun facts from the 176 simultaneous trips on the road to 500 million trips:


What was the number of rides in our newest city

3 rides in Lucknow

What was the number of rides in our oldest city

24 rides in Bengaluru


Where was the Longest trip?

In Chennai, 45.98 km on uberX

Where was the Shortest Trip?

In Bangalore, 0.5 km on uberPOOL


Who amongst these 176 driver-partners has had the Longest Tenure?

Our driver-partner from Kochi who has been driving with us for 26 months

Who amongst these 176 driver-partners has had the Shortest Tenure?

Our driver-partner from Pune – this was his 8th trip!


How many of these 176 riders were travelers?

13 riders were using Uber outside their “home city” (defined as the place where they use Uber most often)


What did these riders rate their driver-partners?

4.55 average, 74% of ratings were 5-star

What did these driver-partners rate their riders?

4.55 average, 80% of ratings were 5-star


How many were shared rides?

13.5% were uberPOOL requests

How many different products were on the road at the same time?

5: uberX, uberXL, uberPOOL, uberMOTO, uberGO

When we launched in India, four years ago, it was an exciting alternative to get around the city. Today, Uber has fundamentally changed the way we move in India. It’s nearly impossible to imagine a time when you couldn’t flip open the app and request for a ride. In four years, we have gone from moving hundreds to millions in India. And for that, we’re thankful.

Going forward, we are more focused than ever before on building features for riders and drivers that will help us get to the next five hundred million, sooner.