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October 22, 2015 / India

We can hardly believe it’s already been two years since we launched Uber in India and what a fantastic journey it has been. Providing commuters in 22 cities across India access to a safe, reliable and convenient ride – all at the tap of a button, we have only just begun our journey towards transforming urban mobility for 1.2 billion Indians.

From providing riders with more choice and creating micro-entrepreneurship opportunities for hundreds of thousands of driver-partners, we are also empowering countless small businesses and individuals from all walks of life. From puppies to ice creams, dhols during Holi to  once-in-a-lifetime ride in choppers and supercars – it’s been a thrill and we’re excited to share the ride ahead with you.

As we cross the two year milestone, we wanted to reflect on our magical journey in India, so we crunched the numbers. The results? Well they’re fascinating. Just see for yourselves.

Riders in India have come to rely on Uber getting them to where they need to go across cities

bangalore_eta_evolution (1)

People across India open the Uber app everyday and while we’re currently in 22 cities in India, we hope to be in your hometown next 


The start of Uber IndiaData_Emaile_Images_1

These 2 years have been filled with excitement, learnings, fun, sleepless nights, speed bumps, heartwarming stories of life changing experiences, edge-of-your-seat moments, innovation, tons of caffeine shots, and a laser focus to help make it easier to get where you want to go in your city.

We couldn’t be more pumped for what the future holds – because we’re building it together and what matters most is what we do next.  Thank you for joining us on our journey so far and we look forward to sharing the ride ahead. Uber On.