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How Dundle increased revenue through using Uber for Business

January 19 / Ireland

Dundle, an NL-based webshop for digital gift and payment cards, offers easy options to purchase prepaid credit for their customers’ favourite services worldwide. Available across multiple countries and currencies, Dundle’s products are all sent as digital codes via email, giving users a convenient and safe online experience.

Dundle recently faced the challenge of expanding its catalogue with highly sought-after regional products. After thorough research, Uber Gift Cards was one product Dundle selected to diversify its product offering. Soon after Dundle started working with Uber for Business, the results were noticeably positive. By adding Uber Gift Cards to its product range, the organisation increased its revenue along with expanding its target audience.

A seamless solution that gained positive customer feedback

The Uber for Business dashboard provided a seamless experience that met Dundle’s expectations. By using our dashboard, the web shop soon gained useful insights regarding their customers, helping them learn more about their behaviour and in turn, enabling the organisation to tailor their offerings to align with the needs of their customers.

As a result of working closely with the team and our online dashboard, Dundle could adjust its pricing and targeting strategies, all while providing real-time feedback on the changes.

“The whole onboarding process was very well planned and executed. Alice, our Account Manager, was always available for questions and responded quickly. They also provided us with all the marketing materials and product info needed in order to create a concise brand copy for Dundle.”

Karim Abdelbaki, Team Lead Product Operations & Procurement

Dundle’s customers’ feedback was extremely positive, as customers loved to be given the freedom of having more and better payment options for their Uber rides and Uber Eats food deliveries. In order ‘to keep your digital life simple and fun’, as Dundle’s mission statement suggests, the webshop will continue to offer its customers the possibility to travel and order their favourite meals with Uber Gift Cards in many different cities worldwide.

“I wished that more brands offered professional business support like Uber does. It is one thing for an organisation to be successful with their own customers, but it is next level to help another organisation achieve the goals for their customers too. Keep up the good work and we look forward to more fruitful collaborations in the future! “

Karim Abdelbaki, Team Lead Product Operations & Procurement

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