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Jakarta – Let’s Clear the Air

September 2, 2014 / Jakarta


Uber has changed the way Jakarta moves by adding a safer, more reliable and convenient transportation choice. Since our arrival, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response from consumers and we’re excited about playing a part in moving Jakarta forward. We also appreciate the support from organisations such as Dishub Jakarta’s Land Transportation Division who have made positive statements about Uber.

Jakarta taxi and limo regulations were developed during a time when the penetration of mobile phones – let alone smartphone apps – was never imagined. Therefore, it is our mission to work with like-minded individuals to encourage new policies that welcome innovation while putting consumer safety and driver opportunity first.

Over the last few weeks it seems that Uber has been misunderstood. It’s time to clarify a few things.

Speculation… The Facts
“…the service Uber provides is just like a taxi service, but it doesn’t have a licence to operate as one in this city.” Uber is a technology company. We do not own, operate vehicles or employ drivers. Our platform simply connects a rider request to a partner from a licensed, for-hire chauffeur-driven transportation company. This is fully compliant with applicable transportation laws and accredited by the local government. twitter_blue
“…the safety of Uber passengers could not be guaranteed.” Safety is Uber’s #1 priority. Uber’s safety features include having your driver’s name, photo, contact details and vehicle license plate before you get into the car. You can also share your journey and ETA with friends or family so they can follow your journey in real-time through the Uber app.  twitter_blue
“Registered taxis in Jakarta have to meet certain standards, including some to do with safety, so if Uber wants to operate here, it must be held to the same standards – otherwise it’s not fair.” Every vehicle in Jakarta on the Uber platform is a registered for-hire car with full commercial insurance that is thoroughly inspected by Uber, meeting all local licensing and registration requirements. twitter_blue
“Uber charges an illegal & unclear tariff”. Uber’s pricing is transparent, consisting of 3 components:png
These fare components are clearly listed in the Uber app and on the Uber website. You can get an estimate of your trip before confirming the request. At the end of your journey a receipt is sent immediately, showing the trip’s route and fare breakdown. twitter_blue
“According to Indonesian law, any private car service that counts its tariffs using meters is considered public transportation.” Some of the biggest and most well-respected regulatory bodies of for-hire transportation in the world (e.g. Transportation for London, TFL) – stated in no uncertain terms that the iPhone is not a meter. twitter_blue

In 200 cities around the world, riders and drivers are using Uber to move about their cities safely, conveniently and reliably. This is a win-win for everyone – consumers have more choice, drivers have greater income potential, and the city gains a more efficient transportation system.

We appreciate the continued outpouring of support from Jakartans. We will continue providing the highest quality, most reliable, and affordable transportation options to this amazing city. Uber on, Jakarta!


– Team Uber Jakarta