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Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps, and is constantly awaken by vibrant adventures and encounters. Uber and Uber Eats are proud to have shared this journey with the people of Hong Kong, providing a convenient point-to-point transportation option for users, and delivering delicious food from our restaurant partners straight to your doorsteps. To send 2018 off with a bang, we have pulled together the year’s biggest trends in food, events, travel, and even top keyword searches!  Looking into 2019, we’ve buckled up and is ready to continue serving the city with innovation and technology, and ride into the future of Smart City!

In the last four years, we’ve become a reliable point-to-point transportation option for a lot of users, whether you’re heading to work, getting off work, hanging out with friends, families and loved ones, or travelling abroad. We’ve also experienced some unforgettable moments together in Hong Kong. The city was hit by Super Typhoon Mangkhut in September, which derailed the travel plans of almost everyone in the city and created major traffic chaos. On September 17, people across the city frantically looked for ways to get to work as most transportation modes were shut off. Amongst all memorable events*, Uber trips almost hit record high on the exact same day, placing just behind October 16 during MTR outage, and the first day of 2018. People say Hong Kongers are workaholics – and guess what, they’re right! Rides taken after 8pm were extremely busy in commercial areas such as Central, Quarry Bay and Kwun Tong.

Despite being the most workaholic tribe, Hong Kongers are a free spirit, adventurous at heart, and never says no to a good escape. Uber’s most frequent flyer clocked close to 250 trips to and from the Hong Kong International Airport! Hong Kongers are using Uber at home and abroad, and have taken Uber trips in all 79 countries we operate in globally, and have clocked a total of 7,599,925 km Uber rides abroad, which is equivalent to flying to London 791 times! The US, Taiwan and UK topped the list of countries Hong Kongers are using Uber in the most. Hong Kong is also a top travel destination, 13% of all trips in Hong Kong are taken by a non-Hong Kong user, hailing mostly from the US, UK and Singapore.

We’ve been extremely proud to be part of the everyday lives of the communities we operate in, and our Assist product has received a lot of love from our riders since its debut in 2017. Earlier in April, we wanted to contribute to building a barrier-free community, that’s why we launched “Uber With You” Community Program, setting aside HK$1 million complimentary Assist rides for organisations who serve the needy community. We’ve recorded a whopping high of 41,000 Assist ride requests in the last year — moving people around the city hassle-free has never felt better.

Uber is more than just a ridesharing App, our innovative and useful functions on the App have been widely used by our riders:

  • 2,808 riders have used the “Share my trip” function
  • 2,947 riders have used the “Split fare” function with riders they Uber with
  • 4,076 riders have used the “Schedule a ride” function
  • 63,673 riders have used the “Tipping” function after their Uber ride to thank
    driver-partners for going the extra mile and providing a great experience
  • 88,224 riders have used the “Multi-destination” function
  • 298,597 riders have given “Compliment” badges to a driver-partner to thank them
    for the service they provide —or even a personal thank-you note
  • 305,864 riders have given “Star ratings” to a driver-partner to express their

Here are some 2018 key milestones from our users and partners:

Uber Uber-Fan: Took close to 1,000 rides this year, clocking 14,115 km
Uber 5-Star Rider: Collected 813 5-star rating from driver-partners!
Fact: Same person as our Uber Uber-Fan!
Uber Smart-saver: Redeemed over 600 promo codes in a year, saving a total of HK$7,758
Uber Super-referral: Referred over 500 new Uber users in a year
Uber 5-Star Female driver-partner: Completed 5,040 Uber trips, clocked 66,419.08 km, and collected 2,859 5-star ratings from riders
Uber 5-star Male driver-partner: Completed 7,740 Uber trips, clocked 78,883.28 km, and collected 3,411 5-star ratings from riders

Needless to say, Hong Kongers are true foodies. In 2018, more than 23,000 Uber riders embarked on an exciting culinary journey by ordering on Uber Eats for the first time× – one account two Apps, they’ve nailed it! On top of that, we’ve seen a whopping 100% growth in customer compared to last year, and we continue to be ranked Top 3 most downloaded F&B App. Our biggest fan placed more than 430 orders in 2018, finds comfort in Cantonese food, and needs his daily dose of Matcha Latte and Coffee. A single user also spent close to HK$80,000 on Uber Eats this year, crowning as Uber Eats Top Spender of the year! Thanks to the 35,000 registered delivery-partners on the platform, they’ve made dining in the comfort of your home and office a convenience. One single delivery-partner even clocked 28,572 km and completed 10,000 orders!

Situated at the heart of culinary haven, choosing your meal for the day can be a tough job. But Uber Eats says it’s a piece of cake – go on the App, search for a restaurant, and viola – a menu pops up for you to select from. Let’s take a look at which restaurant and food keywords people have been searching for the most on Uber Eats:

Uber Eats Hot Restaurant keyword search
  1. Nam Kee
  2. Koi
  3. Jollibee
  4. Satay King
  5. McDonald’s
Uber Eats Top 10 Food keyword search
  1. Pizza
  2. Bubble Tea
  3. Chicken
  4. Tea
  5. Poke Bowl
  6. Congee
  7. Sushi
  8. Soup
  9. Noodles
  10. Dim Sum

Uber is a hot and convenient cashless point-to-point transportation option, let’s see what destinations are people looking up on Uber:

Uber Top 5 Destination keyword search
  1. Hong Kong International Airport
  2. International Commerce Centre/ Elements
  3. Hong Kong International Financial Centre
  4. Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre
  5. Pacific Place
Uber Top 10 Hotel keyword search
  1. The Landmark, Mandarin Oriental
  2. Sheraton
  3. InterContinental Hong Kong
  4. Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
  5. The Park Lane
  6. Hotel ICON
  7. Kowloon Shangri-La
  8. The Murray
  9. Kerry Hotel
  10. The Royal Garden


  • Memorable events*: Only includes New Years Day (January 1), Valentine’s Day (February 14), World Cup Finals (June 14), first day of work post-Typhoon Mangkhut (September 17), MTR outage (October 16), Halloween (October 31)
  • Ordered for the first time× on Uber Eats: Does not include all new users on the platform, only existing Uber riders turned Uber Eats customers

Thanks for the amazing time 2018! We look forward to another fruitful and adventurous ride in 2019!