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Welcoming new babies is probably one of the most hectic yet beautiful moments in life. To help new parents enjoy every single moment of it, Uber Taxi is partnering with Bupa to accompany new parents on one of the most precious trips for them – the very first ride home with their new babies.

To celebrate the joy and happiness of welcoming the little ones, Uber Taxi has recently partnered with Bupa to provide a hassle-free and safe e-hailing taxi experience for Bupa members when departing from Matilda International Hospital. All new moms and dads riding Uber Taxi will be supported by in-app rider support from a well-trained team, so they can enjoy every moment of their very first ride home with their newborns. Bupa members who do not subscribe to the maternity coverage are also eligible for this offer, it is expected that around 1,000 new moms and dads will be benefited from the partnership. 

Estyn Chung, General Manager of Uber Hong Kong said, “As a father myself I understand how much new parents want to enjoy every little moment to the fullest and I am truly delighted that Uber Taxi can support new parents in embarking this important parenting journey and many more trips ahead!” 

Uber Taxi has been a trusted partner of Bupa for years, now with the joint effort of Matilda International Hospital, the partnership becomes Uber Taxi’s first ever in the medicare vertical. “Uber Taxi can play a bigger role to not only serve our existing riders but the wider community. We’re keen to explore the possibility of extending the partnership.” Estyn further explained. Uber Taxi provides a safe and comfortable ride experience for persons with medical needs and their caregivers to get to appointments in all types of medical facilities. Whether you’re going to a clinic for a regular checkup, or attending an important medical appointment at a hospital, Uber Taxi will help you get there.

This partnership is just one example of hundreds of partnerships ongoing between Uber for Business and corporations in Hong Kong. Uber for Business aims to give organisations a more efficient way to manage their business travel while improving their employees and clients’ ride experience. For more details regarding Uber Taxi’s partnership with Bupa, please refer to Bupa’s media centre.