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At Uber, we want to reimagine the way the world moves for the better. This summer, we are joining forces with Children’s Palliative Care Foundation (CPCF), an entity owned by Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF), to invite children aged 3 to 12 years old to join us in reimagining what the future of Hong Kong’s iconic taxis could look like, and how taxis can better support the transportation needs of children with illnesses.

From 4 August 2022 to 13 August 2022, children are invited to let their imaginations run wild by using different colours and mediums to reinvent taxis, and rethink how taxis could become more inclusive to people from all walks of life. The first 300 submissions will receive a HK$50 Uber Taxi promo code*. After collecting all the entries, the public will be invited to vote for their favourite drawings on CPCF’s Facebook page from 16 August to 18 August. The winners of the grand award – Most Considerate Taxi Design – will be determined by the public vote and representatives from Uber, CPCF, Uber Taxi driver-partners, and local illustrator Felix Ip. The winner will need to provide creative solutions to transform taxis into truly accessible and convenient point-to-point transportation for people in need.  The winning designs of the grand award will also be featured on selected taxis across Hong Kong. We hope this competition will raise awareness of the importance of barrier-free rides. The winners across all award categories will also receive HK$1,000 Uber Taxi promo code* and a touchscreen tablet with a wireless stylus pen valued at around HK$5,500 or up to HK$3,000 worth of hotel staycation voucher. 

To help children find unique inspiration for their designs, Uber will set up a dedicated drawing zone at ZA Carnival: Millionaire Edition^ on 6 August (Olympian City) and 13 August (Tuen Mun Town Plaza).  Children can enrol in the competition and submit their drawings at the booth, as well as enjoy a fun afternoon filled with games and activities! 

Mr. Estyn Chung, General Manager of Uber Hong Kong says, “It’s an honour to partner with the Children’s Palliative Care Foundation to encourage children to reimagine taxis for such a meaningful cause. Taxis are without a doubt one of the most important ways of getting around Hong Kong. We hope the submissions will help us highlight the positive impact this industry brings to Hongkongers’ everyday life, and create a truly accessible and barrier-free city, especially for those who are most in need of accessible rides.”

Ms. Vera Chin, Chief Executive Officer of Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) says, “CPCF wishes to express our gratitude to Uber, who put together such a meaningful contest with us. We share the same excitement in inspiring our next generation for their creativity to help create a world with more sustainable and inclusive mobility. It’s not about convenience for people who already have access but about inclusivity for those who don’t. For children with a life-threatening illness and their caretakers, commuting can be both physical and financial burden, and in some cases they have to carry life support machine everywhere they go. We encourage the young contestants to submit their designs to create a more accessible world!”

Mr. Felix Ip, a renowned local illustrator and the creator of our eye-catching campaign key visual says, “As an illustrator, I am always inspired by the things we see every day, including taxis. I am delighted to be part of this campaign to reimagine taxis for such a meaningful cause. I encourage children to pay attention to their everyday surroundings, because it’s the little things we see that can inspire us the most. I can’t wait to be surprised by the creative artworks created by the children!” 

Children’s Palliative Care Foundation (CPCF) aims to improve the quality of life of seriously ill children and their families, and to raise awareness of the support children in palliative care need. Through Taxi Reimagined, Uber will partner closely with CPCF to reimagine how we can leverage the Uber platform to create more accessible rides for people in need and further serve the needs of children in palliative care. 

This is just the beginning of Taxi Reimagined. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements. 

Taxi Reimagined Kids Drawing Competition**Details 

Submission Period Thursday, 4 August – Saturday, 13 August 2022
Admission Children between 3 and 12 years old

  • Group 1: 3 – 6 years old
  • Group 2: 7–12 years old
Application Form
Creative Guide Imagine what taxis will look like 50 years from now. Will they be smaller? Will they still have four wheels…or none at all? Maybe they’ll have wings and gadgets that sweep you off the pavement and buckle you up at the touch of a button! What if we can create taxis that are easily accessible to everyone, including children who need the support of wheelchairs and other medical equipment? Now is your chance to reimagine how Hong Kong can move for the better with a taxi you design! 
Application Guide
  • Download the competition worksheet here (t.uber.com/drawingworksheet)
  • Following completion of the worksheet, please scan both pages of the worksheet and upload it to the Application form (t.uber.com/applformen)
  • All details in the application form must be filled in and submitted before 11:59pm on Saturday, 13 August 2022
  • All successful applicants will receive a confirmation email from taxireimagined@edelman.com
  • All correspondences related to the competition will be sent via taxireimagined@edelman.com
Submission Requirements and Remarks Submission requirements 

  • Format: the drawing must be hand-drawn on the worksheet
  • Medium: any medium is acceptable, including color pencil, watercolour, acrylic painting, pastel, oil painting, etc. Computer drawing, photographs, or any form of collage will not be accepted. 
  • File name: Category name_English name of the participant in full (e.g. Group1_ChanTaiMan)
  • Upload format: in JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PDF format only 
  • File size: should not exceed 10MB
  • Resolution: a minimum of 300dpi 
  • Submission must include both pages of the worksheet 


  • The following situations may lead to disqualification
    • Damage of the submission file  
    • Content of the worksheet is unclear and hard to read 
    • Submission file is not named according to the suggested format 
    • Inaccurate information provided during the application process 
  • A confirmation email will be sent to all successful applicants.
    • Public voting will be held on 16 – 18 August 2022 on the Facebook of CPCF, and the results of the competition will be announced in early September.
Award*** and judging categories
  1. Grand prize: Most Considerate Taxi Design  (1 winner for each age group)
    • Judging Criteria: Recognising the creative design that shows love to riders with special needs. This will be jointly decided by a judging panel (50%) and public voting (50%) to be held on CPCF’s Facebook. 
    • Prizes:
      • Design featured on selected taxis across Hong Kong
      • A touchscreen tablet PC with a wireless stylus pen (valued at approximately HK$5,500)
      • HK$1,000 Uber Taxi promo code
  2. Most Playful & Creative Design  (1 winner for each age group)
    • Judging Criteria: Recognising the most playful and creative design that brings surprises.
    • Prizes: 
      • Hotel staycation voucher (valued up to HK$3,000)
      • HK$1,000 Uber Taxi promo code
  3. Most Stylish Taxi Design  (1 winner for each age group)
    • Judging Criteria: Recognising the most stylish taxi design
    • Prizes: 
      • Hotel staycation voucher (valued up to HK$3,000)
      • HK$1,000 Uber Taxi promo code
  4. Most Futuristic Taxi Design  (1 winner for each age group)
    • Judging Criteria: Recognising the most futuristic taxi design
    • Prizes: 
      • Hotel staycation voucher (valued up to HK$3,000)
      • HK$1,000 Uber Taxi promo code
  5. Taxi Design Most Loved by Taxi Driver-partners  (1 winner for each age group)
    • Judging Criteria: Recognising the design that is most loved by Uber Taxi Driving-Partners. 
    • Prizes:
      • Hotel staycation voucher (valued up to HK$3,000)
      • HK$1,000 Uber Taxi promo code
  • Representatives from Uber Hong Kong
  • Representatives from Children’s Cancer Foundation (Children’s Palliative Care Foundation)
  • Felix Yip, local illustrator
  • Two Uber Taxi Driver-Partners

*HK$50 and HK$1,000 Uber Taxi promo code will be awarded in multiple promo codes. Promo codes are subject to terms and conditions.

**Refer to the Application Form (t.uber.com/applformen) for The terms and conditions for the Competition

***There is one winner from each age group for each award category.

^Uber’s kids drawing zone will be set up at ZA Carnival: Millionaire Edition at Olympic City on 6 August and Tuen Mun Town Plaza on 13 August between 2pm – 4pm.