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Hailing a taxi in Hong Kong can be a real challenge, especially during peak hours or inclement weather. Uber announced today its plan to launch a new Metered Taxi option in partnership with HKTaxi on the Uber app, which allows Uber app riders to get connected to an additional 10,000+ taxi drivers in Hong Kong. This will bring more choice and flexibility when booking a ride on the Uber app. 

Recently, Hong Kongers have expressed concerns over service quality and convenience when it comes to transportation. Uber firmly believes that “Uber + Taxi, Better Together.”  The new Metered Taxi option will be a close collaboration with the taxi industry that will  help riders to “rethink their ride” and enjoy greater convenience. It will also offer more earning opportunities to drivers, and thus upgrade the overall taxi experiences for the community. 

“The integration with HKTaxi offers our app’s users a more streamlined e-hailing experience, and demonstrates Uber’s determination and ongoing effort of working together with the taxi industry to upgrade taxi experiences. It also showcases how Hong Kong can go global by harnessing technology innovation” said Estyn Chung, General Manager of Uber Hong Kong. “With the new feature, riders can now enjoy another option to book a taxi, and taxi drivers will also enjoy more earning opportunities.”

From October 9 onwards, riders will be able to book Metered Taxi rides supported by HKTaxi drivers directly from their Uber app, providing riders with greater convenience to book taxi rides as they wish in one app. Trip fare will be based on metered fare structure. 

This integration will be mutually beneficial to both Uber and HKTaxi – while Uber app riders can enjoy greater flexibility and convenience in getting a taxi ride; drivers from HKTaxi will be able to connect to a larger rider base, and thus an increased earning opportunity with a charging mechanism that they’re most familiar with.

“We are thrilled to partner with Uber to connect our taxi drivers with additional earning opportunities,” said Andy Ip, CEO of HKTaxi, “By leveraging Uber’s technology and e-hailing expertise, we believe we can greatly improve and modernize the taxi e-hailing experience for the wider Hong Kong community.”

Uber + Taxi Better Together
“In major cities around the world, Uber and taxis co-exists well. This integration is just another milestone, we look forward to deepening collaboration with the Hong Kong taxi industry in the future.” said Estyn Chung. For years, Uber has launched various initiatives to help address issues within the taxi industry, as well as improving taxi experiences for HKers. Since 2021, Uber introduced the Taxi Driving Rebate Scheme with the aim to attract young drivers to join the taxi industry; earlier in August this year,  we partnered with Lee Kin Driving School to offer a free Driver Safety Course to all taxi drivers across the city to enhance road safety. Over 30 drivers have signed up to participate in the course in a month.

Metered Taxi Option at a glance: 

For Riders Taxi ride as you wish in one app: Uber app users can now seamlessly book taxi rides supported by HKTaxi drivers with the Uber app.
An Enhanced network that connects riders to more taxis: By connecting the taxi network of HKTaxi, riders will have access to an additional 10,000+ HKTaxi drivers on the road, potentially increasing the chances of getting a taxi ride, also offering a more flexible taxi e-hailing experience. 
More pricing options:   The Metered Taxi options fare calculation is solely based on the taxi’s meters.
For Drivers  More Earning Opportunities: The new Metered Taxi option will offer HKTaxi drivers opportunities to increase their earnings by tapping into Uber’s extensive rider base and expanding their rider reach.