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Since March this year, Uber has collaborated with the local taxi industry, to launch Uber Flash – which matches riders with the closest UberX or Taxi as an additional option for Hong Kongers to enjoy convenient rides at affordable prices. The overwhelming amount of positive feedback we’ve received on Flash demonstrates that Uber and taxis can together bring smart mobility options to riders and an efficient way to earn for taxi driver-partners.

High quality taxi rides with Uber 

With over 2,400,000 trip requests in just nine months, Flash experienced a nearly 2.5x growth on monthly requests since March, showcasing demand for a wider variety of transportation options to get from point A to point B.

We want Uber to be enjoyable and safe for everyone, that’s why we designed a set of Community Guidelines to ensure that riders and driver-partners have a five-star experience with Uber. Flash trips on Uber are no different. We found riders love the convenience that Uber’s technology brings to their taxi rides, such as our dual rating system. This has led to better service quality and positive feedback from riders, as 89% of all rated trips on Flash are 5-star trips. 

Driver-partners do more than moving people from one place to another, they brighten riders’ days in ways big and small. Our in-app compliments allow riders to show their gratitude to driver-partners, and they’ve embraced this function when it comes to their Flash trips – 70% of the compliments are on the excellent service delivered. Hong Kongers clearly enjoy getting a ride in a Flash – one single rider has completed close to 700 trips since Flash became available, while another rider has completed 11 trips on Flash in just one day!

With a single App, riders can enjoy the same familiar taxi rides – but with an added layer of convenience and security with Uber’s GPS location sharing, cashless payment, split fare, lost & found reporting, and estimated time to destination features.

Bringing a new mode of earning to taxi drivers-partners

For taxi-driver partners, Flash is yet another avenue to increase efficiency and maximize earning potential. Uber’s technology coupled by the use of dynamic pricing model helps taxi driver-partners reduce idle time between trips and to earn more during peak hours. As a result, taxi driver-partners tell us that on average they see an increase in their earnings of more than 20% after using Uber. With the value add that Uber brings to the taxi industry, not only are riders enjoying high quality taxi rides on Uber, taxi driver-partners are enjoying it too – one single taxi driver-partner has completed over 2,300 trips since joining!

Uber is also pleased to see tremendous interest from taxi driver-partners towards Flash, as we have marked a 30x growth in number of registered taxi driver-partners. We continue to see significant interest from taxi drivers to join the Uber platform, with over 3,000 inquiries from individuals or fleet owners since we launched. However, this is just the beginning of our partnership with the taxi industry, which continues to be a significant pillar in both our local and global operations strategy. 

“The positive momentum for Flash in Hong Kong demonstrates the value our service brings to the city – ordering a taxi on the Uber App knowing that we will match you to the closest vehicle available, and to increase driver-partner income while at the same time provide real time tracking of daily earnings. Thanks to the support of our riders and taxi driver-partners, this is a step in the right direction – of working hand in hand with the taxi industry to provide safe and reliable rides on our platform,” says Estyn Chung, General Manager of Uber Hong Kong.

“Across the globe, taxis play a significant role on the Uber platform. In Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, Uber’s taxi services are already embraced as a key function that makes traveling around the city effortless. While there is still room to grow in Hong Kong, we are continuously refining our technology to improve Flash and introduce new taxi-related offerings, because we take our relationship with the taxi industry and the future of the point-to-point transport sector very seriously. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with the taxi industry, and together seek for ways to better serve the needs of the Hong Kong community.”