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Uber Eats is announcing a new Delivery People Insurance Package for all delivery people in Hong Kong who use the Uber Eats app to earn money. From today, every Uber Eats delivery person is insured by AIG for any applicable on-trip accidents, providing different types of cover if they are injured and unable to work.

This dependable and comprehensive AIG insurance package is offered to Uber Eats delivery people at no additional cost, and is designed with the needs of delivery people in the forefront even as independent contractors.

“Almost half of our delivery people are family breadwinners, according to an earner survey we conducted last year. We want to offer partners and their family with the right protection, security, and peace of mind when they need it most,” said Elisa Janiec, General Manager of Uber Eats Hong Kong. 

“Uber Eats would not be here without delivery people who make magic happen with every trip they take. I am proud that we are able to support delivery people with an insurance program at no additional cost to partners.”

Tomi Latva-Kiskola, President & CEO AIG Insurance Hong Kong, said, “AIG is proud to partner with Uber Eats in Hong Kong. Our partnership is an example of what can happen when two innovative companies come together to deliver solutions that meet the changing needs of how people work and shop today.”

From today onwards, all delivery people will be insured with the following^1 in the case of any applicable on-trip accidents*: 

  • Up to HKD 80,000 in medical expenses;
  • Daily payment and daily accidental hospital cash;
  • Up to HKD 40,000 for any reconstructive or cosmetic surgery; and more;

This is an important step as we continue to listen, improve and evolve how we partner with people who deliver with Uber Eats. In 2021, we saw 20% year-on-year growth in delivery people sign-up. We look forward to welcoming more joiners, as we continue to focus our efforts on helping them unlock earning opportunities on Uber Eats App, get the most from their time using our app and make progress toward their goals.

*On-trip accidents: The coverage starts from the moment the delivery person accepts an Uber Eats order to when the order has been delivered to the Eater.
^1Additional injury benefits, accidental expenses, support for spouse and child(ren) in the event of permanent disability / death, etc