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We all belong to different communities that teach us the importance of treating everyone with respect and looking out for one another. When we created our global Community Guidelines in 2016, we had these common values in mind.

Today we’re refreshing these guidelines to make them simpler and clearer. Since everyone on our platform, whether you are a rider, a driver-partner, an Uber Eats user, a restaurant-partner, or a delivery-partner, are expected to follow these guidelines, it’s important to ensure people see and understand them. These guidelines also apply to interactions with Uber employees and customer service representatives, through online systems or over the phone. 

These standards are only effective if everyone on our platform understands them. That’s why we’re launching a campaign to educate the entire Uber community about these guidelines. From in app messages to emails s, we’ll get the word out to customers and partners.

We want every Uber experience to be a great one. From new safety features to strengthened driver screening, we will continue putting your safety and comfort at the heart of everything we do. By educating customers and partners about the Community Guidelines, asking them to confirm they understand, and holding everyone accountable, we can help Uber be welcoming and safe for all.

Click here to learn more about Uber’s Community Guidelines.