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Only found out that your credit card has expired and can’t book an Uber Taxi?

To give riders the ultimate flexibility in getting to where they need to go, Uber Taxi is now offering cash payment as an additional payment option. From 14 March 2023 onwards, you can opt for settling your Uber Taxi fares with cash by paying the taxi driver-partners directly at the end of the trip while enjoying the hassle-free and safe e-hailing Uber Taxi experience. The cash payment option is not applicable to Reserve, Flash and Taxi (Metered Pricing)*.

Follow the steps below to select cash as the payment option:

  1. Before booking a trip, go to ‘Account’ > ‘Wallet’ > ‘Add Payment Method’, then select ‘Cash’ and add it to your list of payment methods.
  2. Before confirming an Uber Taxi trip, select ‘Cash’ in payment options**. Please note that a selected payment method cannot be changed once the trip starts.
  3. When the trip ends, the actual fare payable*** to the taxi driver-partner will appear on a green screen in the taxi driver-partner’s Uber App. Please ask the taxi driver-partner to show you the green screen to confirm the amount of the actual fare payable and pay the fare in cash to the taxi driver-partner directly.

*The cash payment option currently applies only to Uber Taxi rides, but not other ride options, including UberX, UberXL, Flash, Comfort, Assist, Uber Pet, Taxi (Metered Pricing), or Uber Reserve. The cash payment option is subject to Uber App Terms of Use.

**Uber Taxi trips booked with the cash payment option will show the estimated fare breakdown at booking with two decimals, but the actual fare payable as it appears in the taxi driver-partner’s Uber App will be rounded off to the nearest dollar.

***Depending on the actual route, driving distance, duration and road conditions, the actual fare payable at the end of the ride may be different from the estimated fare shown when booking the ride.