Meet our Sixth Star Finalists – driver-partners who go above and beyond

February 25, 2016 / Hong Kong


Every day, driver-partners on the Uber platform work hard to seamlessly and efficiently get Hongkongers from point A to point B. In the midst of moving Hongkongers around the city, driver-partners are committed to delivering the best Uber service.

A while back, we reached out to give you the opportunity to award your driver six stars. In just a few weeks, we received hundreds of nominations from riders with stories about how their drivers made a difference to their Uber trip.

Some driver-partners have returned your lost items, everything from umbrellas to mobile phones. Others have shared with you their favourite Wonton noodle spots or business ideas. Some driver-partners play your favorite hits and offer you drinks and treats.

Today, we are excited to honor the finalists who went above and beyond in the service they provide to riders. We will be awarding the winner a round-trip ticket and hotel stay at any of the 80+ Asia cities where Uber operates, so stay tuned – the Sixth Star Award winner will be announced on March 4, 2016.

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Last year, 427 mobile phones were returned by our driver-partners to those who had left them behind in Ubers.

On average, a rider spends 22.4 minutes with our driver-partners on each trip.

Our top rider has taken 1,095 trips and has had 400 hours and 8.8 minutes face time with our driver-partners!

A lot of our driver-partners have driven riders to IFC. Times Square and ICC are also popular destinations!