Two Years with Hong Kong

July 28, 2016 / Hong Kong


Hong Kong has long been known for its efficiency and get-it-done attitude – and at Uber, we get it. You’ve got places to go, and we’re working hard to get you there with a safe, reliable, and affordable transportation option that caters to all.

It’s been two years since we launched in Hong Kong, and while our vision has remained the same, the size of our rider base has not. Over two million trips have been taken in this vibrant city to date – covering enough miles to circle the globe over a thousand times.

From our humble beginnings bringing you to the Rugby Sevens, to our neighborhood campaigns that connected all corners of Hong Kong, it’s been a pleasure every step along the way. In a city obsessed with getting ahead, hardly anyone ever spends time to look back on the past, but we want to take this occasion to pause and reflect on how far we’ve come.

Covering every corner of Hong Kong

From Hong Kong Island’s steep hills teeming with buildings to New Territories’ sprawling fields, this city contains an impossible range of terrain. But no matter where you need a ride (or want to offer one), we’ve got you covered – Uber in Hong Kong is now more accessible than ever.

Transportation as reliable as running water

We know you’ve got places to be, so we’re always working to make your wait for a ride as short as possible. Since our launch, we’ve managed to reduce the average estimated time of arrival for an Uber in Hong Kong went down from 9.7 minutes to 5.5 minutes – and we’re continuing to bring that number down!

Efficiency for all

What drives Uber’s success in Hong Kong are our partners. Compared to two years ago, driver-partners are spending 32% less time idle – that means more time with a rider in their car, which translates to higher efficiency and more earnings.

Shaping Hong Kong together

Uber might be a global brand – spanning 450 cities and with over two billion trips completed to date – but no city is ever the same for us. We’ve got so much more in store for Hong Kong in the coming months and years, and we can’t wait to drive the future of Uber together with you.

Hong Kong, let’s ride on.