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Moving what Matters with Hong Kong

April 14 / Hong Kong

The 5th wave of the pandemic has been one of the toughest yet. It has affected the way we live, work and travel.  Since March, Uber has launched a series of “Move What Matters”  initiatives to take actionable steps to support Hong Kongers. 

Uber’s initiatives include:

Sponsoring 10,000 Uber Taxi rides to medical professionals

Uber partnered with the Hospital Authority to sponsor HK$1 million worth of 10,000 Uber Taxi rides to healthcare professionals and supporting staff, as a token of  appreciation for their selfless commitment to protect the health of Hong Kongers.

“ZA x Uber Relief Program” to provide relief to driver-partners

Uber partnered with ZA to pledge HK$8 million to launch ZA x Uber Relief Program and provide financial assistance to active driver-partners who are tested positive for COVID-19. Each eligible driver-partner will be able to claim a one-off HK$2,000 financial assistance after ZA Care’s approval, offering extra peace of mind when they start moving Hong Kongers around the city again.

Introducing a temporary fuel surcharge to alleviate the burden on driver-partners

The ongoing pandemic, along with rising cost of fuel, is affecting driver-partners.   In response, Uber has introduced a temporary 60-day (from 23 March until 22 May) fuel surcharge of HK$0.38/km on all trips. 100% of the surcharge would go directly to driver-partners to ease their burdens.

Move safely with Uber

Safety has always been the top priority for Uber. We’ve implemented safety features and measures to maximise your safety while riding with Uber.

Safety Checklist

For every ride, riders and driver-partners will complete a checklist on specific safety steps, including wearing a face mask and washing or sanitizing your hands.

Face Cover Check for driver-partners

If the driver-partner indicates that he is wearing a mask, our Face Cover Check technology will help confirm that driver-partners are wearing a face mask before they can start driving.

Other Safety Measures

All Uber trip payments in Hong Kong are cashless to minimize physical contact between riders and driver-partners.
We also suggest you sit in the back seat, to leave more space between you and your driver-partner. If possible, we suggest rolling down the window to improve ventilation.

Uber would like to thank all of you and our driver-partners for your support during the pandemic. We’re committed to supporting the community and making every Uber ride a better experience.