We’ve reduced our fares by 10% in Accra!

September 9, 2019 / Ghana

It’s time to start paying less when you book a trip on UberX in Accra. 

We want to make sure that UberX is an even more affordable way to move around your city, so we’re dropping fares in Accra by 10% from Monday, September 9, 2019. 

Whether you are visiting friends, commuting to work or simply want to run a quick errand, you can now Uber more for less. 

Check out the awesome new fares on some popular routes:

Previous UberX Pricing New UberX Pricing
Accra Mall to Kotoka International AirportGHC8.0GHC7.10
A&C Mall to University of Ghana GHC13.0GHC11.80

New Fares:

Base fare: GHC 1.70 → GHC 1.60 

Per Km: GHC 0.81 → GHC 0.66

Minimum Fare: GHC 5.00 → GHC 4.00

So get riding with Uber and experience the same rides but now at a more affordable price.