Uber supports the City of Accra on Urban Mobility

August 25, 2017 / Ghana

Uber is an innovative, pro smart regulation company. In 2016, Uber launched in Accra, Ghana’s largest city by entering into a Statement of Understanding (SOU) with the Ghanaian Ministry of Transport. Since then, key members of the Uber Policy and Operations teams have been constantly engaging with relevant policy makers, regulators and stakeholders to showcase the benefits that technology can bring to public transport. Real change will take time. It will require investment and the adaptation of existing transport structures. However, if business and government work together, we can create world-class, affordable systems that create economic opportunities, improve efficiencies and reduce emissions.

The impact Uber has on the city of Accra is no doubt a positive and encouraging one. We have helped provide more choice to people on how they move around their cities and have increased the economic opportunities for the people of Accra. By offering a friendly and reliable complement to existing transport options, we have given both passengers and drivers choice and more opportunities for drivers to grow their small businesses, thereby improving urban mobility for the residents of Accra.

We embrace the Government’s economic transformation agenda and have further supported that objective by creating a new wave of modern-day entrepreneurs, further creating an enviable class of empowered and working citizens. For residents and visitors, we have provided them with a means to access a safe, affordable and reliable way to get around Accra; all driver-partners are rated by their passengers to constantly monitor and ensure the quality, safety and reliability of the service provided by driver-partners. One of the great things about driving using the  Uber app is that drivers can choose the amount of hours they wish to drive on any given day. Drivers can determine when and for how long they wish to accept trip requests through the app – it’s their choice.  

Uber is a flexible earning opportunity, so drivers can use it to access more passengers whenever they want. That could be before work, or after, or however, they choose to fit driving in with their own schedule. We hope to continue to enable and empower thousands of small business owners in Ghana,, working on their own hours as their own boss.

All drivers using the Uber app are independent operators who must undergo screening before being able to use the app. This screening includes registration of their personal and vehicle details, a valid driver’s license and a roadworthiness certificate.

Each time a rider requests a ride using the Uber app they see their driver’s name, photo, vehicle details and the location on a map via GPS, and they are prompted to rate their driver at the end of every trip. Drivers also rate their riders, this feedback process encourages mutual respect between riders and drivers. Ratings also provide crucial feedback for drivers and help ensure all drivers using the app provide high-quality service to their passengers. Payment for trips is by bank card or cash.

We will continue to build and grow the Uber business in Accra, and remain committed to socio-economic opportunities for the great people of Ghana.