Get ready for New Year’s Eve

December 21, 2017 / Ghana

Kick off 2018 with extra cash


Make this New Year’s Eve a fantastic night for you and your riders. We’re here to help you plan ahead. 

Expect an increase in requests on the 31st of December from 6pm as riders make their way to church to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Best times to be online

Plan ahead to maximise your earnings. Know the busiest times to be online. We expect the entire New Year's Eve day to be extremely bust, but- at times there will be more demand than others. 

Peak times during New Year's eve is expected from 6PM - 10PM and after the ball has dropped at 12:30AM - 3AM when riders will need you the most. 

Tips for New Year’s Eve

Know your rider

You will always see your rider’s information before you pick them up. Confirm their name when they enter your car.

Contacting a rider in-app

You can use your app to contact the rider by text message or phone call. Riders are able to use their app to contact you as well.

Share your trip details

Get more peace of mind. You can now share your trip details with loved ones to let them know where you are.

Paid wait time

You will earn a per minute rate if you wait for a rider, starting 2 minutes after arrival.