Heading to Taste Tales Night Market this weekend? Get the details!

May 30, 2019 / Ghana

The Taste Tales Night Market is just around the corner, and, we’re here to help you have a great time! If you’re planning on riding with Uber to enjoy your favorite food and drinks from the best vendors all over the city, here’s what you need to know:

Try Uber Lite

With so many people using their cellphones in the same area, it’s easy for networks to get overloaded. If you’re worried about your cell phone connection, why not download the Uber Lite app which is designed to work in low connectivity areas. This simpler version of the Uber app works on any android phone, while saving storage space and data!

Check the details

Make sure you check your trip details in app and get into the correct vehicle, with the correct driver! Be sure to:

  • Check that the vehicle make  matches the one in-app
  • Identify the registration plate and cross-check within the app
  • Confirm your driver’s name and picture
Split your fare

Riding with the entire crew? On a budget? Select Split Fare at the bottom of your screen during the trip to share the costs of the ride easily with your friends. This way, it doesn’t matter who orders the Uber and you can say goodbye to doing those calculations at the end of the night.

Let loved ones know where you are

Enjoy the convenience of letting your friends and family know that you’re on your way! Safety is our #1 priority so we recommend that you always share your ride and location via the “share trip status” button.

So leave your keys at home and come have unlimited fun! #SafetyNeverStops