Last year we launched scheduled rides, allowing you to request a ride ahead of time through the Uber app. And now food lovers can rejoice as you can also schedule your UberEATS delivery.

For the planners out there, we’ve introduced the ability to schedule a food order ahead of time. You can order anytime up to an hour before the desired delivery window and as much as a week in advance. So if you know you’ll need cupcakes for a birthday next week or want to wake up on a Saturday morning to a delicious brunch you can set your order, and leave the rest to UberEATS.

In addition to this, we have also made it even easier to search for your favourite dishes. You can filter by delivery time and specific info such as gluten free and vegan options. With over 2,000 restaurants on the app there is a lot to choose from so the search option has been made even easier.

And if planning ahead isn’t your thing then fear not, you can still order from an array of tasty restaurants which aim to deliver within 30 minutes.

Scheduled orders are available to try now across all UberEATS cities.



Q: Are there any time restraints on scheduled orders?

A: Orders can be scheduled for soon after a restaurant opens and can be placed at any time, even if outside of a restaurant’s opening hours. However, it’s likely the restaurant will not accept the order until they next open.

Q: Can I schedule an order with all restaurants on the platform?

A: The UberEATS platform allows Eaters to schedule an order with all restaurants however a restaurant can opt-out of scheduled orders if it prefers.

Q: Does it cost more to schedule an order?

A: The delivery fee does not change if you schedule an order.

Q: What if I need to cancel my scheduled order?

A: No problem. Similar to a normal on-demand UberEATS order, you can cancel anytime before the restaurant accepts your order After this point, you can contact our eater support team who will do their best to help!

Q: How does it work for restaurants and will it impact their businesses?

A: Restaurant’s are notified when a scheduled order is placed and can chose to cancel the order if they cannot fulfill it. Scheduling orders gives restaurants greater visibility of their upcoming demand which allows them to manage their operations more efficiently.

Q: Is my order sent to the restaurant as soon as I schedule it?

A: The order is sent to the restaurant as soon as it is scheduled however if it is placed outside of a restaurant’s opening hours, it’s unlikely they would see it until they open.

Q: How do I know if a restaurant cannot take my order?

A: If the restaurant cannot fulfil your order, they will be able to cancel it and you will be notified.