Uber Eats’ 2023 Merchant Impact Report provides a deep dive into our partnership with over 30,000 small and medium sized restaurants across the UK.

Food delivery platforms like Uber Eats are helping to transform the business model of restaurants: making it far easier for them to serve a greater number of customers, without having to add extra physical space. We are proud that more than 60% of merchants on the Uber Eats platform are SMEs and that our app facilitates millions of orders, directly adding over £2B in net restaurant revenues in the last year.

The report outlines the impact platforms likes Uber Eats are having, as well as the priorities of our small and medium sized restaurant partners:

  • 70% of SMEs interviewed for the report cite inflation and 64% energy costs as being amongst their primary business concerns.
  • The vast majority of merchants view sustainability as a priority for their business. However, 70% do not believe sustainability is a top priority for their customers.
  • 81% feel that Uber Eats is beneficial to their business’s financial health and 88% plan to keep partnering with Uber Eats in a year from now.

Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality Chief Executive said: “Hospitality has always been one of the most optimistic sectors of the economy, even when they are facing challenging circumstances, and that is clearly shown once again in this research. Ours is an innovative sector and partnerships have always been a way for venues to maximise their sales. The relationship between restaurants and takeaway services, like Uber Eats, is a growing one and is clearly delivering value back to hospitality businesses.”