This week’s Trip of the Week is a tale of blood, sweat, tears and a heroic rescue mission (fireman’s lift included!) carried out by one of our driver-partners in London.

Kim was on a regular run around Hyde Park when she tripped and fell, falling on her ankle. She knew straight away at the very least it was going to be a very bad sprain and she wouldn’t be able to get herself home without help.

Having recently moved to London, Kim felt alone and scared not knowing who to call. She knew she wasn’t in enough pain to call an ambulance, so instead she got out her phone and requested an Uber. The challenge would be, that she was in the middle of the park where there was no road access.

Crying from the pain she called her driver, Malwin, and explained the predicament, fully expecting that any driver would refuse the trip. While passers by had walked past Kim, Malwin wasn’t prepared to leave a damsel in distress; he parked up his car, brought her a bottle of water and headed over on foot to where Kim was. As Kim was unable to walk he then picked her up and carried her back to his car.

Kim is now on the mend and has been back running round the park again, but she assures us she won’t forget Malwin’s heroic rescue in a hurry.

Thanks Kim for sharing your story with us we’ve sent you £100 credit, and we’re also sending £100 to Malwin, for being the hero of the hour.

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