Domestic abuse and sexual violence can impact anyone. Last year alone, it is estimated that more than 1.9 million adults experienced domestic abuse and 648,000 were victims of sexual assault in England and Wales.

It can happen anywhere, and at any time. Day or night, in homes, workplaces, when travelling, and even in shared public spaces. Statistics show that women are more likely to experience domestic abuse or sexual violence than men, but anyone can be a victim.

That’s why we’re proud to be supporting UK Says No More Week – a national campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault.

During UK Says No More Week we’ll be joining individuals, communities, businesses and charities across the UK to ask #WhatICanDo and build the conversation on domestic abuse and sexual violence. We’ll also be taking part through events, social media and communicating directly with people using our app.

Together, we hope to shine a light on this issue and work to reduce the number of people affected.

Working with Hestia and UK Says No More, we’ve also produced a short video providing information about domestic abuse and sexual violence. The video contains advice about how people can support potential victims and gives information on ensuring that everyone who uses Uber feels safe and comfortable throughout a journey.

This is part of our global commitment to use Uber’s scope and visibility to drive awareness, education, and prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence. In time, we hope to play our role in eradicating incidents across all sections of society.  

For more information and resources, and to take NO MORE’s pledge to help end sexual assault and domestic violence in your community, click here.