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Mabrook! Women Take the Wheel in Saudi Arabia

June 15, 2018 / United Kingdom

On June 24, 2018, Saudi women will be able to drive in their country for the first time in history. Uber, along with many of our women driver partners around the world, is celebrating with them!

We’re proud to have been able to support women’s mobility in the Kingdom, and are excited to contribute to this new chapter, improving the lives of women in Saudi Arabia through safe transportation, the creation of economic opportunities, and financial security.


Our ‘Masaruky’ initiative aims to increase Saudi women’s mobility and participation in the workforce through access to affordable transportation, and also to increase women’s access to flexible, part time economic opportunities through the Uber app. We have also partnered with non-profit organization Al Nahda to identify and support underprivileged women who are interested in learning how to drive and obtain a license, but may not have the resources to do so.

We aim to enable Saudi women to achieve their economic ambitions and goals — in the same way that we have done around the world. We want to drive change that is positive, meaningful and economically empowering. Ohoud AlArifi, Uber Marketing Manager in Saudi Arabia and one of the first Saudi women to receive her driving license, sums it up:

“This is a historic moment full of joy, and I cannot wait to drive with Uber on the day the ban is lifted. I’m excited about the economic opportunities that will come from the improvement in women’s mobility in Saudi. Thank you for your support; it really means a lot to us.”

To celebrate this momentous change, Uber connected with women partner drivers around the world who wanted to share their enthusiasm for this development. Their video message to the women of Saudi Arabia captures their excitement with the Arabic word for congratulations: “Mabrook!”

Want to add your voice to the celebration? Share your videos on social media using #mabrook // #GoKSA