Meet the Team: Greenlight Hub Team Lead, Iona Hendry

October 17, 2018 / United Kingdom

What is your job title?

GLH Team Lead


What team do you work in?

I work in the Greenlight team, helping to manage one of the two Greenlight Hubs in London.


What is your role?

I work closely with the team here in the Hub and central teams to make sure the hub is as efficient as possible and the team are working well together.


What is your team’s role?

The team are customer facing, helping drivers with any issues they have and helping people who are interested in becoming partner drivers.


How does your role help drivers?

The Greenlight Hubs are a space where drivers can come and speak to the team and get any issues or questions they might have resolved. My job is to ensure these Hubs are working as well as they can. This might be anything from making sure the team are knowledgeable and happy, to trying to ensure new processes are working effectively and drivers are receiving the best possible support.


Describe your average day?

There isn’t really an average day! What I love about my job is it’s very varied! Different projects are constantly popping up and there are always new problems that need to be worked on. Every week we host a variety of different training classes and events to try and support drivers at every stage of signing and driving with Uber. An average day is busy!


What’s your favourite part of your job?

I like solving problems, whether that’s an individual problem a driver may have with the app or a larger problem like how to get more drivers on the road. My favourite part of my job is being able to work with a wide range of different people constantly trying to improve the Uber platform and the service it provides!


What project have you been most proud to work on this year?

This year I’ve been really proud to work on a project around UberACCESS, which is Uber for wheelchair users. I’ve learnt a lot about disability needs in London and where these are often not met. One of my major focus points at the moment is how to get more UberACCESS drivers on the road in London. In order to do this, I have held roundtables with current drivers and collected feedback from riders, drivers and trainers who teach classes on disability awareness. It has been amazing to meet so many interesting people whilst working on a project that will (hopefully) keep improving mobility in London.


What are you looking forward to working on over the rest of the year?

I am really looking forward to continuing to watch all the changes Uber is introducing to be a better and more open business. So much great and meaningful work has been done so far and it will be great to watch that grow. I’m also looking forward to meeting even more drivers in the hub and hopefully holding some more roundtables!


What are you proud of?  

I am relatively new to Uber, I just graduated from university last year. I would say I am proud to start my career at Uber as it’s a very diverse and innovative place to work. I feel as though my voice is heard and my opinions are respected.