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Meet Mohammad – the driver partner with the highest rating in Europe!

May 27, 2015 / United Kingdom

We have been honoured to recognise Uber driver-partners across the globe for the last few months with our “Sixth Star Award” program, fuelled by American Express. Every week two partners across the globe are selected to win a Sixth Star Award.

This week we’re very excited to announce that one of Leed’s’ driver partners, Mohammad, has been awarded a Sixth Star. Mohammad was selected as he had the highest average rating across all drivers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. When it comes to delivering a 5 star experience, he is the expert!

We caught up with Mohammad after he won for a tour around his favourite places in Leeds and to hear the secrets behind his success. We quickly saw why Mohammad’s riders love him so much – two minutes into our trip, after realising he hadn’t provided us with a complimentary bottle of water, Mohammad pulled over and rushed to the car boot to get one!

Congratulations Mohammad on winning the Sixth Star Award! How long have you been driving on the Uber platform?

I’ve been driving for 6 months, I used to work for another firm. I love the experience so far, it’s so flexible. I always do morning shifts everyday, I normally finish by 3pm to pick my children up from school. I love the cashless aspect of working for Uber and the flexibility.

My payments are always on time, and the team will always resolve any problems for you. Most important for me is fairness, everyone has the same opportunity, the nearest driver gets the job – no dispatching to the favourite drivers!

What does it mean to you to be one of the first Sixth Star winners?

I was surprised to win! I didn’t expect to win any quality awards. My rating had been 4.99 but just dropped to 4.92 last week. I managed to get it back up to 4.94 over the weekend. For me, staying at the top of the quality chart for Leeds partners is a pride thing.

What do you do to ensure good service or a positive experience for your riders? Is there anything that sets you apart from other drivers?

For me it’s about making the rider comfortable; once they feel comfortable in the car you know you’re on the way to 5 stars.

When you feel miserable, don’t drive – that’s my number one tip. I never come to work unhappy. If you can tell a rider is going to give you 2 or 3 stars, and you can tell, I fight for the 3 stars, 3 is better than 2 stars.

I keep the newspaper for riders and water, I had one rider who felt ill and asked me to stop at the shop to buy medication, he said he had a headache. I said “don’t worry I have paracetamol for you and water” – it’s all about customer service. If you start expecting 5 stars, they know you’re expecting it and that it’s fake. It needs to come from within you, your car should be clean, and your attitude should be calm, nice and friendly.

What will you spend the $1,000 prize money on?

My wife will tell me!

Mohammad, it’s been a pleasure. Well done on such a well deserved award.

You can meet the other Sixth Star winners from across the globe here. We hope to be awarding more Sixth Star winners across the UK soon, if you have a driver who went the extra mile and deserves a Sixth Star you can nominate them for an award by emailing us at