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Meet Jasim – A driver with over 20,000 trips

July 10, 2019 / United Kingdom

We’ve caught up with Jasim, a partner-driver with over 20,000 trips and counting. He’s been telling us why he loves partnering with Uber and offering up some advice.

Congratulations on your 20,000 trips! How does it feel?

Thank you, I’m very very happy.

Did you celebrate at all?

I celebrated with my family. Also, the GLH staff in Reading. They are very nice people, so I made them a cake! I put the word Uber in the middle and we took a picture. I gave them the cake to say thank you.

How long have you been driving with Uber?

Exactly 3 years now. Maybe 3 years and 5 days…

What made you start?

I was a decorator before but I wanted to change job. I like driving and being around people. This is why this is the best business for me. I love it really.

How do you feel about driving with Uber?

It’s not just something to support my family, it’s more than just work to me. I love it, I enjoy it. I say to riders “of-course I like money, but money isn’t everything. I like my job, liking my job comes before money.” You might think that’s crazy but I love it.

What does your average day look like?

I start after 11 in the morning usually. Usually, I do 9 – 10 hours every day. I don’t like to start early in the morning.

Do you have a most memorable trip/rider?

Not really. Everyone is nice to me and I’m nice to them. I enjoy it in general.

Do you have any advice for other Uber drivers?

Be friendly and be nice to people. Riders can complain if you’re in a bad mood. If I’m having a bad day I tend to stay in the house! If you’re having a bad day, stay with your wife or kids. I never drive in a bad mood.

Thanks Jasim!