Tales from the backseat

December 5, 2016 / London

It’s been a year since uberPOOL came to London, changing the way hundreds of thousands of people get around the city. Over the last 12 months, shared journeys have saved more than 30kg of Nitrogen Oxide emissions. Now, uberPOOL will be available throughout zones 1 to 3, meaning even more Londoners can share their ride and help cut congestion and emissions.

uberPOOL hasn’t just made a huge difference to the city, it’s also had an impact on thousands of people – both in minor ways and in life-changing ways. Five of London’s uberPOOL riders share their stories.

‘I was running out of a terrible date in April this year, and had opted to take an UberPool for the very first time. When I got in the car a handsome stranger was sitting in the front passenger seat, who turned around and said “Hi, I’m Charlie.” I remembered seeing the name Charlie on my phone when I booked the Uber, so I said “Oh, you’re Charlie.” The poor man got a little bit confused and thought that I knew him, but he couldn’t remember me. I played along and for our 10 minute journey pretending to be very offended that he couldn’t remember who I was, despite the fact we had never met. At the end of the ride I admitted I had never met him, and it was all a silly misunderstanding. Luckily he saw the funny side and asked me out on a date. We moved in together last month and I couldn’t be happier my bad date led to my uberPOOL with Charlie. In fact, he is still in my phone book as Charlie Uber, even though we’ve been dating for seven months now.’


‘I’m an emerging artist looking to get signed. I was riding from my place near Brixton and another dude jumped in around the corner. We got chatting, and it turns out he’s a producer. He and I have been in discussions over the past month and we’ve just signed a contract. I have uberPOOL to thank if something big comes of this!’


‘Whilst a little weary from shopping on Oxford Street, I jumped into an uberPOOL. The driver was absolutely brilliant, bringing everyone into the group immediately and turning his car into a real party atmosphere – even describing it as ‘The Party Bus’. As a result we all got talking and one of the passengers was on her way to a house party, so she invited me along! With no other plans for the weekend, I jumped at the opportunity and at the party I met a lovely girl called Jenni. We got chatting and by the end of the night she had invited me to go with her to a music gig on the Sunday at Wembley Stadium! Having met up before the gig for a drink, naturally we took an uberPOOL to the stadium. Thanks Uber!’


‘I was on my way to the pub, and noticed that the other passenger we were about to pick up in the uberPOOL was called Conte. I thought to myself that the only Conte I’ve ever met or known was an old, old friend from school. We haven’t seen each other for over 10 years. As we got closer to the pick up point, there he was. What are the chances!’


‘It was 4 am, my friend and I were returning back to our halls after a night out and decided to take uberPOOL. It couldn’t have ended better… On the journey back, we were talking about our university project that was due in soon, both of us nervous and still slightly unsure what to do. It turned out that the girl who was sharing our uber was a PhD graduate in a similar topic, so she kindly gave us tons of ideas and theories to use. Thanks to her we both passed with A’s! :)’


Five brilliant connections that came about in an uberPOOL – but no matter who’s riding, what you do on your journey is up to you. Whether it’s getting philosophical wth your driver, catching up on the day’s headlines or zoning out to a podcast, it’s your ride!