Meet Hamsa, London’s Sixth Star Winner

August 27, 2015 / London

Today we are pleased to introduce Hamsa, the latest Sixth Star award winner. Hamsa was nominated for a Sixth Star award by a very grateful rider, after he helped their visually impaired mother get home safely after her regular ride cancelled. We caught up with Hamsa to present him with his award and congratulate him on his achievement.

Congratulations Hamsa on winning the award. Can you explain what happened on the trip you were nominated for?

I got a call from a rider, telling me that he had requested the car for his mother. He told me that she was visually impaired and that her normal booked mini-cab had cancelled unexpectedly. She was a bit stressed about how she was going to get home, and her son asked me if I would be able to go and meet her and make sure she was OK. When I got to the address I parked up and went inside the office to meet the lady. Once we were back in the car I called her son to let her know she’d been picked up safely. I chatted to the lady all the way on her journey home and then made sure she was able to get in the house OK, before I called her son to let him know she was back home safely.

What prompted you to go out of your way to help this rider?

I’ve had disabled customers before so I always like to be patient when I arrive to pick someone up. I know not everyone can get to the car straight away, so I’m always happy to wait for the customer and help them if they need it. A lot of my customers tell me they like the Uber experience so it’s important for me I give a good experience to everyone. I give out water to all of my riders, if they offer me tips;  I tell them to give them to charity instead.

What does it mean to you to be one of the first Sixth Star winners?

I’m really surprised, I didn’t expect to win anything. A lot of my friends are also using the Uber platform, but I haven’t told them yet, I want to surprise them. It’s very motivating to be recognised for doing something well and to feel that people appreciate it.

What did you do with your prize money?

I have three young daughters, so I’m going to take my family to Alton Towers for a day out.

Hamsa, well done on such an awesome achievement – it’s been a pleasure!

About the Sixth Star Award Program:

Each week we rotate between different regions around the world and select two winners to receive the Sixth Star Award. One winner is selected based on a rider nomination and another winner is selected for his or her combined highest rating and highest number of trips. Each Sixth Star winner receives an Uber gift package and $1000 from American Express in appreciation of their excellent service.