Consecutive Trips – Frequently Asked Questions

August 28, 2019 / United Kingdom

Where can I find my extra earnings from Consecutive Trips?

Your extra earnings will be listed under ‘Promotion’ in your weekly summary. 

Does every trip need to start within the eligible location and hours?

Only the first of 3 consecutive trips needs to start within the eligible location and hours. The remaining number of trips can begin anywhere, as long as you stay online, confirm every trip request, and do not cancel any trips in between.

Where is the eligible promotion area in my city?

Click on the link below to see a map of the eligible promotion area for each city with Consecutive Trips.

Am I eligible for other promotions on top of Consecutive Trips, and how does it work with surge?

If there are other promotions running and/or surge fare at the same time, you can potentially earn more on top of your Consecutive Trips earnings.

What trips count toward Consecutive Trips promotions? 

Any type of ride can count toward your Consecutive Trips. If you are driving in London, each uberPOOL pickup counts as one trip as long as they start within the eligible location and hours. 

Do I have to complete trips in a row within a certain time period?

There’s no time limit for completing your trips as long as the first trip is accepted in the specified location during a promotion time period.

How can I keep track of how many trips I’ve completed in a row?

You can track your progress by checking the blue tracker in the top right corner of your app screen.

What if my rider cancels? Does that trip then not count?

Rider cancellations will not affect your Consecutive Trips.

Where can I find available Consecutive Trips promotions? 

We will send you messages, via email, in-app or SMS, to let you know when the promotion is available. They will also appear in your Driver app Promotion Hub.

Can I receive the extra earnings amount only once during the specified period? 

No, you can drive multiple sets of consecutive trips and receive payments as long as the first trip of each set is taken in the specified area during that period.