Beyond Driving

October 10, 2019 / United Kingdom

Read incredible stories from drivers who have gone above and beyond whilst out on the road. From helping a passenger when a baby arrived a little earlier than planned, to providing life saving support to a passenger in distress– incredible acts of kindness and bravery happen each and every day.

Ariful’s story

“I straight away realised she was in labour… all that mattered was her doing what she needed to.”

Rezaul’s story

“I work around my family’s routine, they’re the main priority.”

“Doing everything on time is definitely the hardest part. I don’t ever want to be late for my children.”

Martin’s story

“Since cancer is the thing that took my grandmother, mother and wife’s mother…why not donate the tips to Action Cancer”

Kamran’s story

“For me, doing a good deed is more important than making money”

Zuly’s story

“Her speech was somewhat slurred and unnatural”

“A moment later, she started having a seizure.”

Frank’s story

“It made sense to try and help the underprivileged youths through football”

“If I have the money, why wouldn’t I help?”

Jinu’s story

“She was screaming out very loud and her body was convulsing.”

“It was still scary because I didn’t know how to help”

Musa’s story

“I felt completely helpless knowing there was nothing I could do to get her out of this situation.”

Syed’s story

“The moment i got onto the M40, the mums breathing became very heavy”

“I realised that she could be having a heart attack.”

Zaid’s story

“She had blood on her, her make-up was a mess and her clothes were ripped and dirty”

Alexander’s story

“Helping people will always be more important to me than making money”

Muhammad’s story

“I was on a Pool trip with two solo riders when one of them mentioned that they felt sick.”

“I stayed with the passenger for two hours as the ambulance were busy that night.”